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Research Writer Interview With Neil

Science Writer & Researcher

A number of writers here with Custom Papers write for many different subjects. What subjects do you cover?

Well, I guess I'm not as eclectic as the other writers here; I only accept assignments in the general areas of biomedical science and theology.

Science and theology? But aren't they very different subjects in themselves?

Well, yes... yes and no. Although theology was once called the "Queen of the Sciences," it's realm of study and it's methods have since differed from the natural sciences a great deal. But, to me and many other people, I think that these two disciplines have a lot to say about the world around us and our experiences within it. These have always been my two main areas of interest.

What qualifies you to custom-write and research example college essays or term papers in these subject areas?

I have specialized in the sciences since I had the choice to do so at school and spent three years at University studying for a Bachelors of Science in a biomedical discipline. Over the course of this study I have been introduced to, and studied in-depth, a great number of subjects ranging from the general, such as in/organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology to the more specialized topics such as neuroscience, oncology, molecular pharmacology and immunology. During this time, my custom essay-writing skills were honed considerably and I always achieved very high grades for my dissertations. Researching and writing long essays was always something that I enjoyed; this is something that came in useful when I decided to study for a doctoral degree in the Applied Sciences. These three years of hands-on research further enabled me to practice essay writing and researching the literature to write concise explanations of concepts - the obligatory 25,000 word thesis helped too, of course!

And have you continued to work in science since your PhD?

Yes, my career has so far led me to study the comparative genetics of neurodevelopment, from an evolutionary perspective. This was very interesting - especially engineering my self-designed organisms. After this, I have worked for a major clinical journal as the editor responsible for editing, correcting and rewriting scientific papers written by non-native English speakers. The skills I have developed in this position are very helpful in my work here at Custom Papers. In my opinion, once you have the techniques of outlining the structure of your essay, and the necessary tools to research the topic, then the paper is ready to write itself. It is these techniques and tools that one needs at university but at this time, we are still learning how to use them properly.

And theology? How have your studies qualified you to write research papers or dissertations in this subject area?

Well, although I've never formally studied theology, I have always been interested in the subject. Over the years I have read many, many textbooks on theology from general introductions to the topics, to more in-depth works on a specific area such as history, interpretation and particular doctrines. Specialized journals for theology are also a good place to find contemporary studies. One of the underlying questions of theology is "how do human beings interpret the world we inhabit?" As such, theology has an increasing relevance in science and our everyday lives. This is obvious in the breakneck speed that our knowledge and technology is growing and improving, particularly in the fields of genetics and medicine. Here, it is necessary to think ethically about the directions in which we are going and the ramifications our experiments may have on culture, society and the human race as a whole.

Thank you Neil.

You're welcome!

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