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Research Writer Interview With Nicole

Research Paper 'Fixer' and Teacher

My name is Nicole and I’m a 42 year old wife and mom. I’m a formerly credentialed teacher who enjoys researching and writing on various subjects. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California. I also have an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. While I was working on those two degrees, I took many courses which helped me prepare to be a teacher. One aspect of each degree was that they required courses in a wide variety of liberal arts subjects. My concentration was Science, so I’m very knowledgeable in earth, life and physical sciences. I’m also excellent at all types of English and Literature course writing. I was born in California and am a native English speaker. I can speak a bit of Spanish, although I write and read it better than I speak.

I taught school for many years and stopped to care for my child. She is my main interest in life. When she turned two, I began to teach her the sounds letters make. At three I began to teach her to read. By the time she went to Kindergarten, she was reading at the 6th grade level. She’s smart, funny, and the sweetest person. In fact, she’s a member of MENSA, the organization for people with high IQ’s. She was eligible to join after being tested at age 7. She is my biggest and best accomplishment.

I’ve been freelance writing for undergraduates for about three years. I enjoy writing to help others. I’ve done many essays in subjects such as English, Sociology, Art, Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Women’s Studies, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, Poetry, Political Science, and more. I can write in any style and from any point of view. I’m able to take the assignment, research it fully, and create a paper that addresses everything asked for. My work never gets lower than an “A,” and I never miss a deadline.

I’m a versatile writer and can adapt my style to that of the student for whom I’m writing. When I begin an assignment, I thoroughly research the subject, and don’t stop until I’m finished. I’m a very quick writer and can write several pages in just a few hours. I enjoy every aspect of creating the research paper. I also like creative writing. My husband and I have written several screenplays and short films together. I love the editing process. When it comes to our screenplays, my husband creates an incredible story; then I edit it into exactly what we want. When I’m not writing, I’m helping him film our stories. This past summer, he won an award at the Las Vegas Film Festival for a student film he directed, starred in, edited and added special effects to.

Professionally, I’ve edited numerous research papers and reports. I’m able to quickly spot errors and fix them. If a sentence doesn’t flow, I can make it better. I’m often amazed at how many spelling and syntax errors get into paperback books and magazines. It’s very irritating to be reading along and find errors the paid editors didn’t catch. As a writer, I make sure not to make those same mistakes.

I hold myself to the highest standard and will only give you my very best. My writing skills will help your company obtain a lot of return business since clients will be so pleased with their grades from my work. I’m able to take on research at any time of day. If a client needs a paper done on a quick turnaround, I can complete it. If someone forgot they had an essay due in the morning, they can count on me to get it done quickly. I will be an asset to your company since I am mature, responsible and always ready to work on a moment’s notice.

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