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Research Writer Interview With Nori

Student Supervisor and Social Worker

My name is Nori and I am a retired Clinical Social Worker. I was born in Decatur, Alabama and raised in New York. I obtained my Masters of Social Work Degree in 1983 from Fordham University. I have raised six children and have been married to my Veteran husband for almost 30 years. In 2009 we relocated to Alabama to be near our aging parents.

I became a social worker in 1978 because I wanted to have a positive impact on the lives of the disenfranchised and to help to those who were unable to advocate for themselves. As a clinical Social Worker I have worked in public and private agencies in a variety of settings. I have worked in penal institutions, mental health clinics, social welfare, and hospitals and in academic settings. My experiences in these settings have lead to my becoming an expert writer in many different genres. I have prepared legal reports for the court system, clinical notes for insurance billing, statistical reports relevant to program development and power point presentations.

I have been licensed at the beginning and or Advanced Practice level in New York, Alaska, California and Alabama since 2008. I retired in 2008 from San Bernardino County, California after 20 years of service. I begin a career with the Department of Veteran Affairs in 2009 and recently retired from the VA due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

I have provided supervision to student interns at the Bachelor and Master level since 1990. I have been a Field Instructor for non- profit agencies, as well as State, Federal and local government agencies. I have taught General and Advanced Practice courses at the Bachelor and Master level, these courses included Introduction to Social Work, Introduction to Sociology, Social Work Practice and Social Work Methods and Models of Social Work Practice. I currently teach a Master Level Course ‘Models and Methods of Social Work Practice with Adults in Mental Health’ at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa.

I have mentored students and co-workers for as long as I can remember. A position at is a natural transition for me at this point in my career. I have been writing poems since 1985 and plan to publish a book of poems this year. In December 2014 I begin work on my first novel and hope to have it published in early 2018.

I am an expert in the areas of social sciences, philosophy, social work and psychology. I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration and would not be oppose to assignments in this area. I am interested in literature, humanities, philosophy, women, ethnic and LGBT studies. I am an excellent research writer because I understand APA formatting and how to properly cite a reference. Furthermore as a Master Level instructor I understand what constitutes a well written academic paper. Research papers should be clear and concise and express the writers understanding of the intent and findings of the research.

As a licensed Certified Social Worker, I am familiar with the legal, ethical and professional standards applicable to the practice of Social Work. I have utilized these standards to guide me in making effective decisions with employees and students. Because of these standards I would not violate any rules concerning plagiarism. In fact I had to come to terms with exactly what my role would be before considering employment with custom papers. Once I determined that working for customs would not violate my personal ethics, I made the decision to apply. The other determining factor that lead me to apply for a position with customs was a personal experience. My daughter is a Master level student that used your service. One of customs writers assigned to write a research paper for her failed miserably. Of course she turned to me and after rewriting the paper for her and obtaining an (A) on the assignment; I decided to apply for a position with Customs.

I am not saying that I would guarantee an “A” on every assignment but that would be my goal. My professional ethics will serve your company well in that I would not accept an assignment that I felt I could not obtain an “A” on the assignment or complete on time. If my credentials are of interest to you, please add my name on the order form.

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