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Research Writer Interview With Oliver

A Dynamic Scholar with Top Engineering and Economics Degrees

Hi Oliver. Tell us about your background.

Hello! Well, I was born in the Midwest to a teenage mother. She raised my sister and I while going to nursing school; it was a difficult time. However, it instilled my love of education and learning so I'm grateful for the experience. I was a curious child, an avid reader and was allowed to graduate high school at the age of 15. To finish high school in only one year I had to learn to write fast (laughs). I then went on to complete undergraduate degrees in both engineering and economics at an Ivy League university on full scholarship. Given my humble roots, it was quite an adjustment socially. After working as an investment banker for ten years, I dropped everything, moved to the UK and completed a Master's degree in history at Cambridge. Currently I am a doctorate candidate at Cambridge in science and my project involves DNA and disease.

What other topics interest you?

I'm obsessed with global politics and social issues. I'm still very much involved in finance and global markets. If you give me a topic on history or archaeology, I am guaranteed to turn out a model paper that is insightful and thought provoking. I enjoy writing papers regarding science as my doctorate covers a broad spectrum of areas (and growing). I have worked extensively with nurses and am happy to do so again. Medicine is of special interest.

What are the advantages of having you as a writer?

As an experienced model paper writer, I always get it right the first time. I've never had a complaint. This is because communication with a client and carefully reading their attachments and notes is the foundation of a successful paper. I never miss a deadline and in fact I am usually early. I don't mind staying up all night to do so. I'm used to it! I am a professional who takes things seriously. Additionally, having been educated in both the USA and UK, I can write in both styles. I'm also able to tailor my writing to an individual's own abilities. I tend to be intuitive about this. Lastly, I have vast experience in writing model master and doctorate degrees in multiple subjects. To date, I have written about three dozen master degrees and six doctorates. I may not be the least expensive writer but I am the one that always gets it right the first time and "wows" my client and the friends they show it to in the process!

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