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Research Writer Interview With Orlando

Writing Consultant and Editor

What attracted you to Student Writing?

I had been a freelance writer for three years before I found Student Writing, beginning as a content and copy writer and eventually entering the world of academic writing. I worked with numerous academic writing companies, but none that provided the support and opportunities offered by Student Writing. The level of camaraderie and communication between the writers, the customers, and the Support staff was a welcome change from some of the other companies where communication was lacking. Writing for Student Writing has been a positive experience in every way.

How does your background contribute to your writing?

I graduated summa cum laude from a liberal arts college in the Southern U.S. with bachelor's degrees in both English and Humanities. I also worked as a Writing Consultant for three years, helping university students with each step of the academic writing process, from brainstorming to final edits. My education helped me to understand the finer points of academic writing, but my natural curiosity and passion for the written word makes the entire process something that I enjoyed. I love researching new topics, and I love conceiving of original perspectives to approach every subject.

What are some of you favorite topics to write about?

As my background is in English and Humanities, obviously literature, art, and philosophy are all strong points for me, but I enjoy writing about almost any interesting topic. I have also worked extensively in the film industry, and film has long been a major passion of mine to write about. My experiences writing academic papers professionally have also given me a deep appreciation for psychology, criminal justice, and many of the sciences that I find so fascinating. In the end, my favorite topics are ones I find interesting; and it can be virtually anything.

What are some of your strengths as a writer?

This is a question I have thought a great deal about in my years of professional writing. At first, I thought it was my creativity, as I never have a problem coming up with a provocative thesis statement or creative approach to an argument. After writing academic papers professionally for a few years, I began to think it was my ability to write quickly and extensively on subjects. However, if I was to search deep down for my greatest strength as a writer, I know it would have to be my ability to make any subject interesting. As a Writing Consultant, I would always tell my clients that if a subject fails to interest you, it will always fail to interest the reader.

What advice do you have for other writers?

As a Writing Consultant, I would continuously tell my clients to write what they know. This not only goes for creative writing, but academic writing as well. Sometimes this means a great deal of research to get to know a subject, while other times it means narrowing down a topic to allow for the acquired knowledge to come through. Be patient, follow the given research instructions, and always realize that even the most mundane topics can be made interesting if you make it so.

What is your favorite part of being a contracted dissertation freelance writer at Student Writing?

There are so many things that I love about being a freelance writer with Student Writing that it is hard to choose just one. Working with students and professionals to help research and develop diverse projects is amazing. Each day, I look forward to the opportunity to learn about new and interesting subjects, or write passionately about subjects already close to my heart, like film or philosophy. I enjoy the freedom that being a writer for Student Writing affords me, as well as the opportunity to further the art of writing, always looking forward to those opportunities where I am allowed to write creatively for clients. I enjoy the interactions with enthusiastic clients, and never get tired of hearing their praise when a project meets and exceeds their expectations. The Support staff is amazing, and they make every non-writing aspect of my job easy and enjoyable. So, if I had to choose my one favorite thing, I would have to say all of it!

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