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Research Writer Interview With Paul

Real Writer and Professor

Hi Paul. What made you decide to work as a graduate freelance writer for University Research?

About four years ago I was looking for a place to work on-line where I could help students. I stumbled upon a site that offered custom term papers, and applied. I stopped taking projects in six months, and I swore I would never go back. I enjoyed writing the essays and papers, but I missed having any connection to the students. I also discovered that all the papers I submitted, including the sample essays I used in my application, were being resold by the company without limit. I also had no good contact with the people I worked for, who would only email me if they needed something faster than they had originally stated. Recently, I thought I would look around to see if there were similar companies out there who treated their clients and their contracted writers with the respect and dignity they deserve. I sent out some more applications, and found (through the dissertations page) only one writing agency who met my criteria. That was University Research, and I have enjoyed every minute I've worked for them since.

Nice to hear that :). What do you have to offer that writers at other companies don't?

Well, I am by nature a modest man, but I am proud of my accomplishments and abilities, and since you asked... I love school and I'm curious. These might not seem like much, but they are the keys to successful academic writing. I've completed a BA, an MA, and I'm about to begin a Ph.D. I want to know as much as I can about as many things as possible, and writing papers here allows me to research and write about a broad range of topics. This pleases me. I have also been a teaching assistant, and I am currently a professor, which means that I have the inside track when it comes to creating effective essays. I know what professional academics expect because I am one, and this means I can give you an edge that other writers can't.

How quickly can you get a paper done for a deadline?

Pressure motivates me like nothing else. Already for University Research I have completed a number of research papers at once within 24 hours of their being assigned to me. One of these, a nine-pager, I completed on time after being given only five hours by the student to complete it. In my own academic writing career I have undertaken even greater tasks. With all of my work and academic obligations piling up, I had almost no time to complete my 60 page thesis. However, I managed to complete it, cover to cover, including research, in five days. It's not a pace I like to maintain, to say the least, but when the situation demands it, I can do it.

What subjects do you write on?

My favorite topics involve English literature and Philosophy, preferably in some combination. I also enjoy classics (Greek and Roman literature), film study, and psychology. Besides these areas of special interest, I love writing opinion pieces and entrance essays, both of which allow me to express myself fully without binding my abilities to texts and research materials. I have also written papers on history, business, economics, nursing, law, and anthropology. If something outside these specific areas comes along, I'm willing to try it. I learn quickly, and I find the research I have to do for such new projects so rewarding that it outweighs the extra time I have to spend writing.

Is there anything you won't write?

I don't enjoy writing ads (even those customized:). Greeting cards also repulse me.

What makes you enjoy doing this? Do you enjoy this?

Of course! Can you imagine writing custom essays and papers all the time, on your free time, without enjoying it, without loving it? What I like most is the challenge of meeting my clients' deadlines and very exacting expectations. I approach each assignment as a very serious game. I know the general rules, I learn the specific rules the professors give their students for each assignment, and I play as hard as I can. I win when I know I've written a good (and always custom) essay, term paper, book report, or disseration and the student receives an A.

Do you have any ethical issues with writing term papers or essays for students?

No. The product I sell is not addictive, not harmful, and never illegal. I mean, it's not like I'm selling crack here! You guys need to lighten up!

Do you plan to work as a freelancer for University Research for a long time?

For as long as they need my independent freelance writing and research services. I like developing relationships with students; the ongoing contact I still have with former students of mine is very valuable to me, and I hope to establish more of those relationships with students at University Research.

Thank you very much for your detailed answers. You are going to stay with us forever! :)

You're welcome... and Thanks!

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