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Research Writer Interview With Richelle

New Information Through Dissertations

Hi Richelle, thanks for talking with us today.

My pleasure, Custom Research. I love to talk about what I do so this is a great opportunity to air my thoughts on writing dissertations. Thanks for listening!

So, to start off with, you specialize in writing model PhD dissertations?

That's right. I wouldn't have it any other way, either. When you custom-write a dissertation, in contrast to a research paper, you are basically learning the nuts and bolts of a particular topic. I find that writing dissertations or PhD theses is a wonderful way to gain in-depth knowledge about a subject that I might not have discovered on my own.

That brings us to our next question: Why do you like to write dissertations and other kinds of graduate papers?

I am an innately curious person so you can imagine the high I get from learning about new subjects. When you write a dissertation, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with all of the relevant information and arguments about a particular subject. With a research paper, you get glimpse of the depth and breadth of the subject matter, but with a dissertation you are treated to a more, shall we say, up close and personal view of the subject that you are writing about. Moreover, a dissertation is basically a foray into the territory of undiscovered knowledge - you, as the expert, have the leeway to voice your arguments and carefully formulated thoughts on the subject that you have chosen as your topic. It is actually pretty thrilling to discover new information or new angles on a previously researched topic. Dissertations aside, I also love to work with graduate students. They are more opinionated about what exactly they want their dissertation to be.

What is the difference between writing a dissertation and a custom research paper?

Actually, although the differences are few, they are quite significant. With a dissertation, you are pretty much the expert on your subject and as such are expected to have the knowledge of an expert. That's why a dissertation is usually 100-200 pages. Compare that to a typical research paper that is usually only ten pages long. Also, a dissertation is defined as an "original contribution to human knowledge." That means it is up to you to formulate an innovative question, idea or approach. That itself is a pretty daunting task. In addition, the dissertation is structured differently than a research paper. Typically, the dissertation consists of the introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, conclusion and suggestions for further research.

Okay, here's an obvious one: Why would a doctoral student ask for help on a dissertation?

Well, from the outside looking in it might seem a little strange that a student at the doctoral level would need help writing his/her dissertation. But consider this: a doctoral student shoulders many responsibilities. He or she is probably a T.A., responsible for attending lectures and heading and preparing for discussions (and maybe for multiple classes and sections), grading papers and tests, making himself or herself available to students during office hours, and quite possibly also a research assistant. On top of that, he/she also has to attend his/her classes and to write at minimum, two lengthy papers for each class. In addition, he/she has to prepare to present his/her work at conferences (graduate school, as you know, can be very competitive). Also, you have the money factor - many graduate students also have to eat and pay rent and maybe even support a family so they are scrambling around researching and writing grants and applying for fellowships. And that's just school life. Some of the clients that I've worked with in the past also have part time jobs and are parents too. So in answer to your question, many doctoral students simply don't have the time or are too stressed out from daily life as a PhD student.

How closely do you work with clients during this process?

That depends on the needs of the clients. One client requested help on the literature review section only. He gave me his research topic and a deadline and that was basically the extent of our communication (he was pretty busy and stressed out and didn't need any other complications). On the other hand, I've had bi-weekly communication with another graduate student who I worked with throughout the entire process, from the proposal to the last page of thedissertation. This person in particular was very picky about how she wanted her dissertation to be and needed a lot of reassurance. She provided me with strict guidelines about the dissertation format and asked for frequent updates on how it was coming along. I didn't mind though - the more specific the client is, the better I can serve his/her needs. That way, in the end, they get exactly what they want.

How long does it take for you to custom-write a dissertation?

Again, that depends on the client's request. If only particular sections need to be written, I think that it is safe to say one or two months. If a client requests a dissertation, in full, that can take up to five or six months. That of course is if the client is starting from ground zero. The process is greatly expedited if the client has already chosen a research topic, has an idea of how they want to structure the dissertation and has done some preliminary research. Another scenario is that a skeleton of a dissertation has already been written and is need of careful editing and revision. This, of course, doesn't take quite as long. Thus, requests can be completed in a shorter time frame. It all depends on where the client is at.

Do you have any reservations about writing dissertations or, more plainly put, do you believe it is a form of cheating?

Good question. If I thought that then I wouldn't be at Custom Research or any other writing company, particularly since we have high standards of integrity. Let me tell you a story. One client who I worked with had professional experience working at a non-profit in the area of her study before coming to graduate school and continued to work while she was a student. With her combined education and work experience, she was just as knowledgeable as her professors! So, if you ask me if this person is qualified to teach and research, the answer is of course! At the time, she was teaching and doing research while caring for her young daughter. So in between applying for grants, preparing for lecture, picking her daughter up from the babysitter, she also had to write a custom dissertation. The demands of graduate school can oftentimes be more than one person can bear alone. Wisely, she chose to ask for help from Custom Research. The dissertation is just one part of the graduate school experience and sometimes it can be superfluous, especially for working students or students with families who have obligations that are just as important as school. After four years of advanced study, either you know your subject material or you don't. You don't need (at least in my opinion) to write a dissertation because by that time, you have already prove yourself to be an expert. That's why it seems obvious to me that doctoral students would ask for help on their dissertations. It seems to me the most practical choice.

Thanks for talking with us today, Richelle

Thanks for listening Custom Research!

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