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Research Writer Interview With Robin

Unique Research and Writing Techniques

Hi Robin. What has prompted you to enter the field of academic research, editing, proofreading, and writing?

Hello! I guess what really motivated me to do this type of work is my love of learning. I’ve always been the type of person who wants to know everything that I possibly can about every subject that I come across. When I was in college I took all the classes that I could on a variety of subjects and thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing on these topics. Now that I’m no longer in college, I feel the need to continue in this same vein and at the same time am able to help other students in their writing.

When you were in college what subject did you major in and what type of degrees do you have?

I tried out a number of different majors due to my interest in a diverse range of subjects. I finally settled on a major in History. Before beginning my senior year, though, I decided to work for a dual major and added Philosophy as another major area of study. I now have a BA degree in both History and Philosophy.

Those are two very writing intense fields of study, aren’t they?

Yes indeed, they are. Besides all of the many smaller research papers in each subject, I had to write four major papers for my History degree. This included a paper for a Proseminar in History course which was very challenging and a large research paper for my Senior Seminar in Philosophy course. Both fields of study taught me a lot about proper research and writing techniques.

Aren’t you tired of all that writing now that you’re out of school?

No, not at all. As I said earlier, I love to learn and I love to write. Helping other students with their research and writing is a great way to continue learning myself!

What are your work habits like?

Well, I’m an early riser. I am up and ready to go by six in the morning. Working at home gives me the freedom to take care of family and household business while I work. This could easily become a problem and cause me to put off work while I tended to other matters. This is why I keep myself to a strict work schedule even though I work at home. I also have turned an extra bedroom in my home into an office so that I am not distracted by the usual household comings and goings. This way, I can give my full attention to the project at hand. I also live about a mile from a local university and spend quite a bit of time at their library doing research.

What are your favorite topics to write on?

Of course I love to write on Philosophy and History! But I also enjoy writing on most topics involved with the Social Sciences and Literature. Religion is my all time favorite topic to write on and to learn about as I have spent most of my life studying different religions from around the world. I also love reading and writing fiction stories and poetry. All the writing and reading that I have done has given me a great eye for detail – making me an excellent proofreader and editor as well.

Well, thank you so much for your time, Robin!

You are very welcome – thank you for your interest!

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