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Research Writer Interview With Roger

Top Grades in Law School

Thanks for chatting with us, Roger. What brought you into the world of custom essay writing?

I have excelled in essay and term paper writing since elementary school where I won awards for writing. My first book publishing contract was acquired at just 22 years old and I got a check for $2,500 from Contemporary Books, Inc. for a book called Going Pro: The Athlete's Market Guide. It has actual pro sports contracts and a directory of sports agents in it, among other things.

So, you've been a custom research writer ever since?

Not really. I've worked as a writer off and on over the years. I've worked as an attorney, private investigator, and as a newspaper reporter among a variety of other jobs. But all along I keep returning to academic writing for some reason. I have a passion for it and I just can't get away from the profession.

Why don't you practice law? It seems a lot more lucrative financially than writing.

Law is very tolling emotionally if you have a conscience. I practiced criminal law on Native American Indian reservations for one year. That was enough for me. There are a lot of ethical questions that pop up all the time. People generally don't like attorneys and think they are crooked but when you work in the profession it is very hard to make some decisions. Ethical rules say you must "zealously" defend your client's rights and that frequently creates problems.

Is there any common thread in the jobs you have held?

Yes. They all involved extensive research skills. That is certainly an advantage when it comes to writing custom research papers. I can't say that I can write about any topic per se, but I can usually find out information about just about any topic.

What do you like to write about?

I like to write about almost anything except technical, electronic, electric, mechanical, scientific, or medical topics (although I do have some knowledge about psychology).

Doesn't writing someone else's project hurt the student in the long run?

I would expect students who use our custom writing services to read the papers we write and study the works for their classes. I don't think it necessarily hurts someone who is not necessarily creative or is too busy to be able to write a college term paper. If the student studies the paper, they aren't hurting themselves. Now, if they don't study, then they do hurt themselves. But I think the majority of our clients study appropriately.

What have you written lately?

I am the author of two recently published books; How to Apply for a Pardon and co-author of What You Should Know and Are Afraid to Ask. Drugs Among Children and Adolescents: A Parent's Guide.

Can you guarantee an "A" grade on my report?

No. But what I can guarantee is that I will put forth my very best effort for you. I take my craft very seriously and I know that clients work hard for their money. More importantly, a person's education is vital for success in our society. I would feel terrible knowing that someone failed a class or didn't get a scholarship or entry into their preferred transfer university due to a second-rate term paper.

To be honest, in high school I was a "B" student, mostly because I didn't really care about my grades other than to satisfy my parents. When I became an adult and went to law school, I was determined to get top grades. That's when I graduated in the upper one third of my class and won an American Jurisprudence Award in Labor Law (top of my class). Recently, I took some criminology classes at Kaplan University and was on the University's President's Honors Roll List (4.00 grade point average).

What was your favorite term paper or essay?

In law school, I wrote a custom term paper about Major League Baseball and its status as exempt from anti-trust laws. It is the only professional sport that is exempt from anti-trust laws and the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently held that the anti-trust exemption applies because baseball is unique since it "America's pasttime". I found that it was a pretty interesting topic and strange that the exemption still holds true today.

What separates Research Writers from other essay writing services?

Quality is number one. Also, why risk an instructor reading a duplicate paper by buying a stock term paper from some other custom essay or term paper company? Custom term papers ensure that you have an originally written work designed especially for you. The price is right and the project will be completed on time. Research Writers is the industry leader in writing custom dissertations, essays, term papers, and research papers.

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