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Research Writer Interview With Sandy

Dependable and Resourceful Ph.D. Writer

My name is Sandy and I am a self-proclaimed nerd. I truly enjoy researching and writing and recently decided to work as a freelance writer full time. I was a classroom teacher for 16 years and then spent many years as a school principal and preschool director. I earned a B.A. degree in Elementary Education, a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction focused on Early Childhood and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and School Leadership.

Through my experience and education, I learned to be an excellent writer and researcher. Throughout my work career and education, I wrote on a multitude of subjects, including a 250 page dissertation that I actually enjoyed writing! Working on a Ph.D. requires a lot of writing and research. Along with that comes a lot of professor feedback and the need for editing. I was fortunate to take classes from many great instructors, all who had different approaches to writing and researching. I was able to incorporate the techniques from each teacher that worked well for me to create my own successful style of writing and research.

Personally, I play pool (billiards) as a hobby. I play at least twice a week. I am not a great player, but it is fun and challenging. It is also something that my husband and I enjoy together. He is a much better player than I am so he helps me a lot. Pool also allows us to spend time with friends. In addition, pool allows me to take a break from writing and get out of the house for a bit. I also like the challenge and the competition.

I am married and my husband and four children keep me entertained all the time. One child is in his second year of college, one is in middle school and two are in elementary school. They all think I am crazy for writing academic-type papers and assignments when I am finished with school. They see it as homework, while I see it as a source in income that I enjoy.

I would make an excellent writer for your company primarily because I am a good writer and researcher. I also know how to prioritize my time so that projects are not completed at the last minute. I also understand the importance of completing writing projects on time. I know that papers need to include scholarly resources, as opposed to just any website. As a result, I pay the cost for access to online research libraries. This access ensures that I can include information from high quality resources and it allows me to research much more efficiently.

In general, I am a well rounded, intelligent, dependable and resourceful person. These are all qualities which are necessary, not only to write with the highest quality, but to be trusted to finish projects on time. I am also professional in my interactions with others. While, I prefer for my work to be correct the first time, if changes are necessary, I ensure they are completed according to the client’s wishes in a most professional manner. I approach each assignment as if it were my own and I was earning the grade (but I will refuse to work with a students who even considers submitting my work as his or her own!). I like doing good work which is why I know I will be an asset to your company.

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