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Research Writer Interview With Sarah

Armed with Adequate Education, Knowledge, and Tutoring Career

I am a vibrant, young freelance writer ready to use my knowledge and skills to assist students undertaking various disciplines. Indeed, there are various concerns related to ethics in academic writing; however, I prefer viewing the venture as a way of helping struggling students in school. As such, I work as a freelance academic writer seeking employment from credible online companies. Working as a writer needs various motivators that help me focus on the work I pursue and provide quality papers. On that note, I have found passion in writing, and this is one of the motivators that fuel me to keep working as a writer. In addition, I find the pay from writing being a great motivator. Therefore, I view academic writing as a serious career to pursue and accord it a tremendous depth of commitment.

Education is yet another reliable motivator that helps me work through the various academic papers. Whilst undertaking a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences, I attained great knowledge in various fields of study. As such, I became well acquainted with material pertaining different disciplines such as English, Biology, Economics and History. Moreover, I got various introductions in several subjects, which include programming, industrial research, and theatre among others. Exposure to all these areas of study has helped me hone my writing skills since 2008. Since then, I have worked with different freelance writing companies, for example, Academia-Research and Student Network Research. In turn, I have honed my writing skills in different ways, for instance, gaining an outstanding mastery of the English language and structuring sentences in the proper way. I have also acquired competitive, effective and professional writing skills. Consequently, I deliver superb work that always satisfies my clients and keep them requesting for my services. Moreover, I have enhanced my writing by comprehending the different styles used in the academic papers, for example, MLA, APA, Chicago, Vancouver, Oxford and Harvard. It is also vital to write a paper following a customer’s structural instructions, and I always follow a customer’s instruction to the letter. Accordingly, I avoid situations where the clients request for revisions because of my mishaps.

My Masters’ studies, which I pursued soon after completing my Bachelor’s Degree, have also contributed to my writing in a positive way. I majored in Bioorganic Chemistry, which helps in understanding technical questions in related subjects. Indeed, having the required writing skills is not all that makes up an excellent writer. Discipline is also a key aspect while working as a freelance writer. In that regard, I am a disciplined writer who is always focused on delivering quality written work on time. I am well aware that several freelance writing companies work within deadlines that I strictly follow in order to avoid disappointing both my customers and employers. Plagiarism is wrong and should be avoided at all costs, whether it is a direct quotation from another person's written work or just an idea. In cases where I have borrowed ideas, I ensure that I have used correct citation styles to accord credit to the original writer. However, I display novelty in my work by conducting thorough research and providing my insight related to the subject. Often, I carry out research using other people’s works, but I recognize the original authors’ works to avoid plagiarism.

My interests in life include escalating my writing career to levels where I can solely depend on it as the only income earner. In addition, I have a mandatory mindset that helps me overcome life’s challenges. Hence, I also find challenges in life to be interesting, especially in the world of academic writing. I arm myself with the expected knowledge to take on a challenge in academic writing. In my earlier tutoring career, I interacted with students and helped them, which is another interest I treasure in my life. I am passionate about education and I have the proper mindset and zeal to work as an academic writer.

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