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Hello Tam, thanks for taking time out to talk with us about working at Custom Papers.

It's my pleasure.

How long have you been involved in custom academic writing, editing, and researching?

I started writing short stories the minute I could hold a pencil (my ultimate writing tool, I hate pens.). These stories were always about girls in sports and how they beat the boys. I guess I was pretty opinionated even then. As an adult, I began my education and found a real flare for putting words to paper. Good grades were always important and I excelled in all aspects of my education. My skills were more apparent when other students came to me to write their book reports, research papers, essays, or term papers. I wouldn't do it, but I offered my editing services and went from there.

How long have you been having a writer's account with us?

Just recently have I come aboard and am excited to participate in this program. I finished my MBA this last May and found all the work to be extremely time consuming. If helping another student to write his/her paper is an option, I now opt for it.

What types of writing assignments do you usually accept?

Limiting myself is not something I usually do, but business and ethics are my forte. Marketing, psychology, Bible Studies and management are some of my favorites. I also am a novelist, however, and feel a great deal of ease in the literary department. Essays or book reports are most importantly a point of view. If determined prior, I don't have a problem with most fields. I am not fond of science and accounting. Not that you would have an accounting paper due, but that was the hardest subject for me. I found it odd that I did well in graduate statistics and still had trouble with graduate accounting. Anyway, film and screenplay writing, political science, history, literature, contemporary business, economics, and marketing, management, literature, you name it. As long as I feel I can put the time into the project, I'm aboard.

How are you able to write essays and research papers on such a wide variety of subjects?

Writing is a process, developing that process is an educational evolvement. Creating credentials was one of the easiest things I've ever done. My vitae is currently three pages long and I professionally write for a company producing films.

Some people claim that your custom research and term paper writing service hurts students rather than helps them. What is your response to those statements?

Everyone is good at something and sometimes I think about it just like this: I have problems in accounting, rather than take the risk of relying on my "half-baked" attempts at getting it right; I hire an accountant to do what I do not do well. It's the same premise here. If you aren't a great writer, why take the time to inhibit your success. Hire someone to do it for you. In the "real world" we hire out tasks and concentrate on what we do best. To each his/her own...

What makes you different from the rest of the freelancers?

Life experience. My life has been full of focus, success, and business ventures. Owning my own business for eleven years, having to do it all, so to speak, gives me the credibility to know my limits and when I take a paper, you're going to get it written on an "A-level." That's just all there is to it. Blending into the scheme of things is a great accomplishment in this company, because the academic research writers, editors and proofreaders here are all qualified professionals and you'll get more than what you ask for.

It's been a great pleasure speaking with such a great and motivated writer like you. Thank you, Tam.

You're welcome!

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