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Research Writer Interview With Ted

University Education

What first attracted you to student research and example academic essay writing?

An attraction to academic writing has been with me since my undergraduate days. At that time I used to write "letters to the editor" on topics of social concern, and I was elated when they were published. In the first year of my graduate study, a term paper I submitted was highly praised by my professor, and I sent it to a reputable journal; it was published, to my great delight. This encouraged me to write more journal articles, most of which were published as well. Over time, I went on to write academic books, many for publication by excellent presses including the University of Rotterdam Press. I feel proud that a couple of my books have been adopted as textbooks by some Universities. In short, I am no stranger to academic writing; in fact, I do not know any other kind of writing.

Apart from writing experience, what kinds of educational background do you bring to your work?

I have an MA and a PhD, both in Economics. I have also been a Professor of Economics, and have taught the subject at all levels of university education. At the graduate level I have been an advisor and guide for PhD thesis and dissertations. This has given me an insight into requirements of the expected standards for a doctorate degree in Economics (as well as other social sciences).

Why have you chosen Custom Research Papers?

As a professor, I read the same stereotypical, poorly-written term papers over and over, submitted by some of my students who purchased them from websites that sell ready made essays. I learned over time that students, including graduate students, are resorting to the so-called help of "ready-made" essays to get acceptable grades in their courses. I thought that if essays could be made to order to suit the requirements of the students, and at the same time do justice to the subject, it would be many times better than the ready-made stuff. After doing much research, I found that is particularly meticulous in doing what the students require. I am very happy to work here as an independent researcher!

Are there any writing projects that you will not accept?

Of course there are; I will not accept a writing assignment to which I cannot do full justice because of my ignorance of the subject, such in pure or natural sciences. Having said that, I will indeed accept any project which I am confident of completing to the complete satisfaction of my client. It is my confidence in my ability to do a job both to my own satisfaction and that of the person who wants the job done that will determine whether or not I accept a particular assignment.

Thank you for talking to Custom Research Papers!

It has been my pleasure.

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