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Research Writer Interview With Tyler

I Never Use The Same Source

Hi Tyler, it is good to see you again. It really has been a long time since we lasted chatted.

It has indeed. I am really happy we could finally connect again. We should grab lunch afterwards.

I would love that, but you are paying this time :)

Of course.

What motivates you to write for Custom Essay?

Custom Essay actually came highly recommended from several of my peers within the academic freelance writing community. I researched them quite a bit. One of their tenets is that all work created is original. The staff of Custom Essay, including myself, are highly qualified, with most staff members holding at least a masters degrees and a professional specialization in the general areas they create model papers for.

Are example research papers and dissertations good for the overall learning process?

I actually think the use of model essays and term papers can be very beneficial to a learner. In my opinion this service ensures an even playing field. Howard Gardner, a prominent learning theorist, identified cognitive development as being comprised of multiple intelligences. In short, he said that a typical learner demonstrates competing strengths and weaknesses in different areas. I am familiar with many learners who have earned A's throughout their academic life in the social sciences, but failed miserably in the subjects that required numeric computation. This type of learner demonstrates a strong verbal intelligence, but weak computational skills. Other learners may demonstrate strong math skills, but have a very difficult time communicating through writing. Having significant strengths in all areas of intelligence is actually pretty rare. It really bothers me when seemingly intelligent and diligent learner's get misjudged as lazy or dumb because their individual developed intelligences does not show up on formal assessments, such as writing assignments. To be very frank, the primary way that learner's are judged is through their essay writing skills. I see this service as a form of insurance for students who need an extra cushion for their writing skills. We all need cushions in life.

What made you become a competent academic writer?

My weakness in math is what forced me to refine my writing skills. When I was in middle school and high school, I could barely pass most math courses. It did not matter if I spent 20 minutes on homework each night or 3 hours. I was determined to go to college and realized that a part of my admittance to my choice schools was based on my GPA and SAT scores. I realized that I needed to even my playing field a bit and recoup my mediocre math grades with exceptional grades in writing based courses such as English and the social sciences. I was not born a good writer, but I soon realized I could make academic progress through writing based courses as opposed to math. Because I felt confidence in my writing skills, I felt that I was more open to constructive criticism about works that I produced. I saw this feedback as a source of my improved writing and sought it out. The continued practice of writing has also propelled my writing skills as well. On the flip side, I was never able to see the same progress in math courses. Regardless of how much effort or redundancy that I engaged in, I still felt little success in math classes. I believe that we excel in the things that make us feel successful. Writing makes me feel successful.

Do you feel confident in writing custom essays on diverse topics?

Absolutely! I am an information junkie and have been this way long before I joined the Custom Essay staff. A good researcher may not have all of the answers, but knows where to look for all of the answers and how to appropriately organize that information for a specific audience. I think that in my past life I may have been a Jeopardy Champion.

I have a hypothetical question for you Tyler. How would you respond if you were writing two different papers simultaneously with very similar topics?

That is a very fair question. Most individuals writing styles may have subtle recurring characteristics, but are generally very fluid. These recurring characteristics are primarily syntax and structure oriented. It is very hard to recreate the same work twice. The most memorable and obvious parts of writing are content and verbiage. These characteristics of essay writing often change with the moment due to our mood, surroundings and motivation. In my opinion, no moment holds the same writing ambiance as the last. This natural phenomenon ensures an original work each time. Ethically, I never use the same source twice. Beyond an ethical foundation, I personally need to use dissimilar sources to keep my own interest levels high. If I were to even attempt to write the same paper with the same sources twice, I would become too bored to complete the task.

I don't know about you, but I am ready to break bread. How does Thai food sound?

That sounds great, the spicier the better!

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