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Research Writer Interview With Ulysses

The Philosophy Of Writing And Editing

Good Afternoon Ulysses!

Greetings and hello to you.

What background and current experiences do you have that you feel make you suited to custom prepare essays, research papers, book reports, dissertations, executive speeches, and provide editorial services?

I have worked in academic capacities since graduating from undergraduate school as an instructor, newspaper editor, researcher, and custom writer for both academic publications and popular newspapers. Accordingly, I am familiar with multiple academic subjects, writing styles and edit, in one form or another, for a living.

Why do you feel that your professional skills are custom fit for writing custom assignments for respective clients?

Having taught college and university history for the last 10 years, I have witnessed literally hundreds of custom essays and research papers and have helped students with the basics of writing with clarity and technical efficiency. Of equal importance, I have published in diverse writing styles. By being on all sides of the writing and research process, I can follow specific client guideline requests and deliver the custom-written product in a timely and professional manner.

Can you speak to your qualifications for the specific possibilities of such school projects as book reports, theses and even dissertations or PhD Theses?

While completing my masters degree program in political science, I worked as the Book Review Editor for a local newspaper, producing weekly installments of professional overviews and critiques of historical, educational, literary and creative arts books. Similarly, while matriculating through my Ph.D. program it became necessary to freelance content development and grammatical and stylistic editing for graduate students outside of my own department whose own theses and dissertations required outside assistance.

With your professional life so firmly entrenched in the academy, what are your views on plagiarism and academic dishonesty, and do you feel any conflict of interest in possibly taking on such assignments?

My ethical position centers on the belief that clients will use work as a model for improving their own essay, term paper, or research paper writing skills. Furthermore, possible assignments will be originally produced from me with the highest of governing standards. The work I turn in for use will be crafted in such a way that it ensures that proper credit of ideas and words are appropriately given. My work will be professional. What someone does with it from there is out of my control despite the fact that it is desired they be responsible in their use thereof.

How will you work client assignments into your existing busy professional schedule as a self-employed researcher, author, and teacher?

The best way to improve research, writing and instructional skills, and to stay sharp as a practitioner is to engage in research, constantly write and bring your wealth of knowledge front-and-center to students you lead everyday. Although my work is demanding, the opportunity to do outside research keeps me abreast of diverse areas that ultimately make my presentation to my own students more acceptable because they perceive I know what I am talking about. Whereas I publish frequently and edit copy daily, it has essentially become apart of my make-up to carry out such functions. I would like to be used to the extent that such skills can help benefit others. I do not look at client assignments as "work," but instead as apart of what I do.

What is your typical turnaround time for project completion and how will you meet the timely demands of potential clients?

I am quality, not quantity, driven and pride myself on producing integrity-filled services for clients. Yet at the same time, I respect the urgency of deadlines. To strike balance between both realities, my general rule is to have assignments between 3- 5 pages returned in four days, 5- 10 pages in 7 days and between 10- 20 pages in 10 days. Life is ultimately dynamic and not static, so flexibility is an enduring quality to posses. Thus I do not speak in absolutes except for the fact that my clients will receive the most professional and effective work from me with a keen since of urgency as well.

Thank you very much for your time!

You are very welcome - nice taking to you! :)

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