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Research Writer Interview With Andy

I Am A Research Scientist For A Biotechnology Company

How did you start working for

I was looking for an opportunity to make some extra money by working from home. I was doing several Google searches when eventually I came upon It looked like a good opportunity, so I sent a resume and few writing samples and a few days later I was informed that I got the job. I have since written dozens of papers for, and I am looking forward to writing hundreds more.

Why have you chosen Custom Papers over other example student essay writing and research services?

Most online writing services employ illiterate writers who produce substandard work. Most of these companies are not even based in the US, and they have an awful reputation for cheating their writers. is different: it's an American company, it employs proficient writers, and it treats them with respect.

What do you do for a living, and how does writing for fit in?

I am a research scientist for a large biotechnology company. I study DNA repair mechanisms and their relationship to cancer. Writing for is a fun and rewarding way to make some extra money while working from home.

What is your favorite subject on which to write?

Although my formal training is in science and engineering, I actually enjoy writing about literature and philosophy. I especially enjoy exploring connections between literature and the sciences, and I've contributed encyclopedia articles and database entries on mathematical themes in literature. I think that if we keep our eyes open, we can find fascinating connections among all branches of knowledge: science, fine arts, literature, poetry, philosophy, and the social sciences.

How would you describe your academic writing style?

I like to write horizontally, that is, to write the whole paper from beginning to end in abstract form, and then to go back and fill in the details. I feel this gives me a "big picture" view of the paper before I get bogged down in the specifics.

How do you get in a writing mood?

The most important thing is to be comfortable, psychologically and physically. A comfortable chair, good lighting, and a clean desk are a start. Then, I get rid of all distractions—television, cellphones, and anything else that can draw my attention away from the writing task. I like listening to smooth jazz while I write. I find it relaxing and soothing.

Have you had a chance to learn from the papers you've written?

Plenty! I've learned about pathology and accounting, marine biology and transnational management. Writing about things on which I am not an expert gives me the opportunity to educate myself while I make money.

What resources do you use when you write model research papers or dissertations?

With my alumni library account, I have access to thousands of scholarly journals through JStor, ProQuest, and other databases. I also use open public databases such as PubMed and Google Scholar. When the need arises, I go to the public library and check out a book.

Do you ever write fiction or creative writing papers?

I do. I once published a short science fiction story and found that it was quite rewarding. Although most of my work centers around research papers and other works of non-fiction, I like writing fiction because it gives me the opportunity to express myself more freely, without the need to look up facts or references.

How does one become a good academic essay writer for hire?

The most important thing is to read a lot, and then to practice writing. There are plenty of great books and websites out there than can help students with their writing. It all comes down to putting some effort into it.

It is also important to ask for guidance and criticism, and to take the criticism with a positive attitude. It is impossible to become a good writer in a vacuum, so one must always seek the opinions of others.

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