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Research Writer Interview With Evan

The Highest Quality Of Work Was lacking at Other Sites

Hi Evan. Please tell us about your background in writing.

Well, I started writing creatively as a hobby when I was ten years old, and soon because deeply interested in journalism, history and politics. I was also a passionate basketball fan, and submitted an historical piece on the history of the Knicks to its top fan site at the time. I was lucky enough to be hired, and continued to write throughout high school and college for my school newspapers. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from George Mason University, I was hired as an IP Specialist by Oblon Spivak L.L.P., the largest patent law firm in the United States, where I worked on patent case submissions as a technical writer whose work was submitted directly to the U.S. Patent Office.

What led you to academic writing, and Custom Papers in particular?

My mother became very ill in early 2011, and as an only child, with not much other family in the picture, it was up to me to help care for her. I loved my job at the time, but the hours and distance weren’t workable, and so I decided to turn to the skill that’s provided me the most fulfillment through my academic and professional career: freelance academic writing. I stumbled upon Custom Papers’ site by chance, while researching online opportunities, and decided to try it out. Not only did I quickly come to love writing academic papers on topics of my choosing; Custom Papers’ independent contract writer process was very easy to work with and effective. The company do their utmost to ensure to guarantee the highest quality of work, something that I found very lacking at other sites.

So, do you specialize only in the Social Sciences and English? And what types of projects do you normally take on in terms of length, academic style and presentation?

In addition to writing papers in the legal, historical, political and literary fields, I’ve also completed projects in areas such as film studies, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, environmental studies, and anthropology. I’ve also worked on technical research studies, such as one I recently completed on airline safety using statistical databases. In terms of length, I am willing to take on projects that are as short as a page, and as long as a hundred pages. I am well versed in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint for projects that require the use of those programs. I am also fluent in a variety of citation styles; APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian and Harvard, and have written several papers for British and Australian clients as well as Americans.

What makes you unique as a writer?

I believe that I approach the writing process differently than many others in my field. I always make sure to contact the client before working on a paper. I want to know if there is anything that the client wants me to specifically include in a paper, and want to make sure he or she is comfortable contacting me throughout the writing process if needed. Before writing, I search extensively for high quality academic source material on a topic. I have access to a wide variety of academic databases such as JSTOR, and I always try to use the most professional sources possible. I then read up on the topic, usually for well over an hour, in order to develop a thesis and structure to my work, and to give myself as much breadth as possible. I always try to complete my papers with time to spare, so that the client has a chance to read over it, and I can make any changes he or she deems necessary.

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