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Research Writer Interview With Jeremiah

Medical, Business, Health, Military, and MBA Research Writer

I am a retired Navy Veteran with 22 years of active duty service to my country and fellow Americans. My military career encompassed an extended tour in North Vietnam under heavy combat conditions, involvement in Operation Desert Storm, and the Gulf War. Needless to say, I’ve travelled the globe and have seen many distant lands that one only dreams of. I have been happily married for 40 years now to my lovely wife, Beverly. We met as teenagers soon after I returned from the Vietnam, and we have been together ever since. We’re the proud parents of one adult daughter who has blessed us with two grandchildren, a boy and a girl. Later in life, my career path took a different direction other than that of my military profession. I became interested in the healthcare industry after some coaxing from my wife, who was already pursuing a degree in Health Information. My first step towards entering the new field was enrolling in a medical assistant course that got my feet wet in this new industry. As time progressed, I landed my first job with a small home medical equipment (HME) company that provided assisted living materials and supplies to outpatients. The hands on training of new materials heightened my interests to dig deeper into learning the business of durable medical equipment and the administrative aspect of it all.

In the following years, I had the previledge of working for 3 other DME/HME companies where I have accelerated in knowledge of the business and operations with my main focal point being in administration. Time had come for me to build on my personal qualifications and credentials in order for me to reach objectives and goals that I’ve set for myself. I set off on course to obtain the academic degrees needed to propel myself forward so that I could climb the corporate latter. I enrolled into college and earned my Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and Master’s Degree. My final educational goal has not been achieved yet, but I am currently in the process of enrolling in another university for a 3 year program to earn a doctoral degree. This final degree will put me at the top of my profession as a Doctor of Health Administration (DHA). My future plans as a DHA will help me to become an active voice in my community concentrating on health care issues that have become like pressure sores to those who can’t afford to pay for health insurance. I am also looking to harness my skills and intellect in becoming a freelance medical writer. This avenue of being an independent contractor and freelance writer is wide open and there is no limit to potential earnings that can be incurred.

For the most part, I have started to build on my academic writing experience with one other company which has proven to be exciting and captivating to me. I became interested in research writing while I was doing the studies for earning my MBA, where my thirst for knowledge and learning new things continued to grow. Spending so much time with school work has helped my with time management, paying attention to details and meeting time constraints. Those qualities and skills are the essential elements to my outstanding productivity output as an excellent research writer.

When I’m not working on any particular assignment, I enjoy leisure time with cooking and baking. My mother taught me how to cook, and I went through the trial and error period on my own with learning about baking items. My second most enjoyable hobby is photography that I feel is an avenue to total relaxation for me. I provide all the photographs for the online bridal supply shop that my wife owns and operates.

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