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Research Writer Interview With John

Good Understanding of Several Academic Disciplines

There a several factors which contribute to my ability to produce very high quality research papers, which I will address in a chronological fashion. My writing ability was aided immensely by my attending of Christ’s Collage, New Zealand’s most prestigious private boy’s high school. This school took a very formal approach to education that placed a lot of emphasis on academic rigour and a disciplined approach to producing high quality academic research. During my time at Christ’s Collage I developed an intense interest in Japanese history. This interest led me to travel to Japan to work as an English teacher, after completing my high school education. I have spent five years teaching English in Japan. This has provided me with an excellent control of the English language. I taught both as a high school English teacher, and as a corporate English instructor. As well as improving my written English, this time spent in Japan also taught me to be very efficient with how I managed my time. Accuracy and efficiency are ideals held in high esteem by Japanese society, and I like to think that I have been able to incorporate these ideals in my research writing.

In between two periods of work in Japan, I completed a Bachelor of Resource Studies majoring in policy analysis. This degree has provided me with a very broad range of academic knowledge including economics, geology, ecology, sociology, biochemistry, law, politics, and policy studies. Having an understanding of multiple academic disciplines allows me to easily traverse the borders of these disciplines and draw upon multiple sources of knowledge for my research. Upon completion of this degree I travelled the world, visiting over 60 countries. While this does not seem to be directly related to being a research writer, the understandings I gained during this period of travel have been invaluable for me in understanding and writing about global issue. Having an understanding of how other cultures interpret the world makes writing from a wider perspective possible.

After another period working in Japan, I returned to university to undertake a Master of Environmental Policy. I am currently one and a half years into this degree and sitting on an A average, in line for first class honours. Since starting this degree I have been accepted into two professional institutes, become the content editor of a planning journal, been awarded two research scholarships, and been given paid tutoring roles. I have research that is currently awaiting publication, and have been awarded funding to undertake another research project beginning next year.

These credentials, I feel, qualify me as an excellent research writer. I have full access to multiple journals through my university, and I use Endnote that allows me to reference in any style. My interests primarily lie in the fields of sociology, philosophy, urban planning, and environmental science. However, I do have a rather good understanding of several other academic disciplines. However, academic knowledge is only one aspect of being an excellent research writer. Time management and discipline are also very important traits for a research writer to have. I can honestly state that I am never late. My work is always completed before it is due, and always to a high degree of quality.

Academic research and writing, or working in academic environments has been a full time undertaking for me for many years. I am able to produce research papers to a high degree of quality, and always within the time frame required.

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