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Research Writer Interview With Justus

Academic Journalist And Yoga Teacher from Canada

Who are you?

A human man. Physically, I am positioned within geo-politcal area known as “Canada”. Temporaly, I am located in a “now” posited by my sense of self.

OK then. If you say so.

I do.

What do you do?

I teach yoga and I write stuff.

Nice! Can you teach me some stretches?

Yeah. Why not?

Sweet. Yoga, eh! What made you decide to teach yoga?

I really enjoyed it, and because I enjoyed it so much I wanted to ensure I'd still be doing it when I'm 70. Teaching the stuff seemed like a natural way to go about that. Also, I just love teaching it. It's really rewarding.

What is it about yoga that you like so much?

A recurring theme in my life seems to be the pleasure of quietly living in the present moment. When I was 13 I discovered the joy of listening to classical music. I was enamoured of the notion of “beauty”. Hence why, shortly after discovering classical music, I also discovered the joy of literature and hence the degree. When I did my first yoga class 4 years ago, it seemed to be a continuation of this pleasure in the present.

And now your path has brought you to freelance writing. Why is that?

After graduating last spring, I decided I wanted to dedicate a year or two to making a living by teaching yoga. There was a couple of problems with this. For one, the income initially has not quite been as good as I hoped for. Secondly, and more importantly, I found I really missed school. I mean really. I've always relished writing essays—the thrill of getting on a research blitz in the library, or the satisfaction inherent in expressing a complex idea in a pithy, well-turned phrase. If I can help out a few students around the world get through a rough spot in their studies then that sounds pretty good.

You missed the solitary mind exercise.

Precisely. I'm also want to embark on some other writing projects to scratch that itch. I'm excited about working towards starting up a classical music webzine.

Wow. Are you going to have time for all your ambitions?

One thing I love about teaching yoga is even if I can't make that much money at it, I get paid a lot by the hour. Thus I have a lot of free time. Free time is good, but I hate not using it.

So you fancy yourself a wiz at essay writing...

There's always room to improve (even when I get to the point of publishing my own stuff in acedemic journals), but yesI am quite proud of my essay writing skills.

Fair enough. No harm in a bit of pride. What do you feel makes you such a good essay writer.

Reading difficult literature from a young age has given me a firm grasp of the language. I love finding just the write word to express an idea. I strive, however, to never be too esoteric, which I think all my profs have responded positively to. I take a good deal of pride in being able to explain Sartre or Lacan to grandma.

What are you saying about my grandma?

Sorry. I just meant “laymen”, but instead indulged in the stereotype that old women are dotty and, well, a bit thick. Speaking of Sartre, I suppose Simon De Beauvoir herself was an old woman at some point.

Was your grandma a genius?

No. She was a dotty old bat.

Fair enough.

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