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Research Writer Interview With Kathryn

My Great Talents To Provide A-Standard Model Essays

Hi Kathryn, why do you enjoy writing?

I enjoy writing because it's a way to express myself fully and to learn and teach new ideas. You can learn so much researching and writing a paper or presentation. Sometimes, you start researching and are led off in a completely different direction by what you find - it's like an Easter egg hunt with knowledge for the prizes! Researching, outlining, organizing, writing and editing are the steps I follow to ensure that my writing is organized, accurate, concise and nicely worded. These steps allow me to create a unique piece of art or artisanship that may open someone's mind to an idea he or she had never considered before, or to organize information in a way that leads to new insights and ideas.

Where did you learn to write like that, anyway?

I went to a private high school that was a bit unusual in its grading system - instead of tests and number grades, our evaluations were based on long-term writing and presentation projects! By the time I graduated, I was a real writing pro - my senior project was a novel. Attending an Ivy League university offered many more opportunities to hone my writing skills. By graduation, I had not only written the required papers for my classes, but was writing for the university newspaper and had published short stories and essays professionally.

What are you interested in freelance writing?

I'm interested in everything! Although my degrees are in Computer Science and Business, I've studied mathematics, economics, psychology, English literature, philosophy, drama, anthropology, multicultural communications and a wide range of other topics and enjoy writing about them as well. A good writer can write about any topic, given enough research time and plenty of patience! I'm always eager to learn about new areas and fields of interest, and don't shy away from any subject.

What is your essay writing process?

The first step in my writing process is research. I have access to two Ivy League research libraries and a number of online databases - not to mention my personal library, which at well over 10,000 books is up to the task of most literature and computer science projects! I examine a wide variety of sources before I winnow down the list to the most suitable ones for the project at hand. Then, I write an outline, and rearrange it until it makes logical sense. I fill in the outline with information from my research (properly cited, of course!), as well as the proper analysis of the material. Finally, I write the conclusion of the paper. The next step is editing. After doing a preliminary spell check and source citation format check, I leave the paper for approximately 12 hours, time allowing, to let it "mellow"; then I go back and re-read for accuracy, conciseness and phrasing. If necessary, I also do a triple-check to make sure that the language variation (American, British or Australian English) is correct, including spelling and idioms.

Why do you write CustomPapers?

My senior year of university, I took a class with my little sister, who was a freshman at the time. I breezed through the class, but my sister struggled very badly. She was a genius with numbers, but didn't understand anything about writing a paper - research, paper construction, phrasing and editing were complete mysteries to her. The creative writing assignment was even worse! She would struggle for days with an assignment that I did in an hour in the cafeteria. Not everyone goes into university with an understanding of how to craft a good research paper. By offering my talents to provide a model, I can allow good students who don't understand the writing process to grasp the basics of writing mechanics, citations and paper construction to improve their own writing and become great students.

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