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Research Writer Interview With Meri

Writing For Bilingual Students

What have you learned about yourself while working as a freelance writer?

I learned that I like to write for bilingual students. A writer is someone who thinks clearly. We think in the language we know how to speak, so people with strong language skills are able to think well! That means someone can be a “writer” even if they seem to face a language barrier. On the other side of the language barrier, the bilingual person is a clear thinker with enhanced perspective, and the complexity of their minds is an enormous advantage in the fast-paced business of the Information Age.

What would you like to be doing five years from now?

As an independent academic paper writer, I am not really on a process that I can say will continue to any particular point in five years. This is more like a strange exploration. I tackle opportunities as they arise, and I go the extra mile for the people who hire me so that they'll hire me again and recommend me to friends. If I contribute to the success of all my client's, I'll have a lot of connections with successful people five years from now. That's where I want to be – succeeding in collaboration with other people who are succeeding.

Can you work under pressure?

No, I can't say that I do. I could say that I do, but then I'd feel like I was under pressure to live up to that assertion, and I really don't work well under pressure. I try to have as much time as possible before my deadlines so I can let ideas come together naturally without needing to hurry.

Any advice for people who intend to hire a writer?

Check to see if your writer's style of writing is similar to your own. Sometimes a tutor, editor, or writer can have a style that is exactly right for you, and you benefit from them more than someone who thinks and writes in a way that is very inconsistent with your way. Also, give as much information as possible to help them know what you need. A good writer is able to read several pages of instructions when necessary, so if you have a good writer s/he will appreciate thorough instructions. The goal is to give you what you need, so you can feel free to send a long list of instructions and requirements when you hire a writer.

Tell me about a time when you were under considerable pressure to meet one or more goals?

There was a time when I was writing 20 pages for a client, and my daughter's dance recital was on the same day as the deadline. Since, I had already known the deadline in advance, I adverted the crisis by prioritizing my schedule. I worked on 5 pages each day, and if I had time I worked on more. I finished, and I was able to manage all else. This does not mean I am good at working under pressure. I used time management to sidestep the pressure!

What problems do you think freelance essay writers face?

There are a couple of problems that are ubiquitous. Rejection, self-doubt, and writer's block. I have been rejected a couple of times, and I have gotten over it, but it's hard to do at first. This was because there was a particular writing job I applied for and I really wanted, but I did not have the right qualifications. Being a freelance writer, I face pressure to come up with fresh ideas. I am currently writing articles for a women's website on various health issues and how-to's, and it is hard to come up with some of the topics because I do not want the articles to sound redundant.

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