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Research Writer Interview With Sophie

I Love History And Anthropology

Hello, Sophie. Thanks for joining us today.

Thanks for inviting me. I'm glad to talk to you.

What is your educational background?

I hold a Bachelor's degree from a liberal arts university, which means that even though my degree is in History and Anthropology, I was required to take a much wider array of coursework than a traditional college requires. I also hold a Master's degree in teaching and have been a secondary English teacher.

Why did you decide to work for Custom Papers?

I grew tired of the paperwork and bureaucracy in the current American education system and decided to pursue a career in freelance writing and editing. I always excelled at producing quality academic papers during my educational career, and I enjoy the process of researching and learning new information which goes into producing an academic paper.

Why would you advise a customer to do business with instead of one of the other writing companies?

When I decided to look into freelance writing I researched a number of different companies. was one of the few companies which stood out in their quality and adherence to strict standards for their writers. If a company doesn't maintain these standards a customer can never be sure that their paper will be written by a qualified, experienced writer.

What subjects do you prefer writing about?

Well, as I said previously my undergraduate degree is in History and Anthropology, so obviously those are subjects I love. However, due to my liberal arts education, I also enjoy researching and writing about topics that span the scope of the Humanities, from Fine Arts to Philosophy. Also, my graduate degree is in education, with a focus on teaching secondary English, and I acquired the ability to write technical educational papers while completing that degree.

What sources do you use for your research?

I live in a university town, and have access to scholarly journals and texts through the university's library system. My town also boasts an award winning public library, which gives me access to a large variety of research materials. Additionally, I've found that a large amount of research materials, even peer-edited journals, are becoming available online.

What makes for a good essay, especially in academic writing?

The two most important elements of an academic paper are demonstration of knowledge and organization. That doesn't necessarily mean that you should be an expert before you write the paper, but that you should do your research before you write the paper. You know research is completed when you can create a complete outline for your paper, with the appropriate quotes and citations in your outline. Only after you have a complete outline should you begin writing a paper, otherwise you're just giving yourself extra work in revising and proofreading.

You mentioned part of your background was as a secondary teacher. How does that affect your work as a freelance writer?

I taught English to high school students, which means that I spent a huge amount of time editing and proofreading papers my students produced. This experience gave me the ability to be extremely efficient in revising rough drafts of papers into final copies, and quickly correcting and reformatting text.

As a former teacher, what is your opinion on the ethics of students using custom term papers?

I know that many students find themselves in a class which they may be required to take, but have no experience or interest in the subject. Also, there are many students who may have the ability to produce the ideas for a paper, but are unsure how to construct the paper itself. In these instances, I think it is often in the student's best interest to use a custom paper as a guideline for creating their own work.

Thank you for talking to us today!

Thank you! It's been fun.

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