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First-person narrative is far from my forte, but I wanted an opportunity to share a little about myself and this seemed like the best option to do so. The less important details are that I am twenty-four, completed four years of university, and am now an aspiring author. I expect that the more important matters are the ones that I will be outlining in the following paragraphs, the ones dealing with my background as a writer and researcher, as well as the reason I would love to work for I am excited to apply as an author, but in order to be taken seriously as one I should first like to start with my writing background.

When I was young, I had a voracious appetite for books – I simply could not read enough of them. When I was eight I ate through a fantasy/sci-fi series called The Seven Sleepers. At age ten my favorite books were every one of the Redwall series, which I arranged chronologically and fit every new one that came out in its place before rereading the whole series. At twelve the Harry Potter series inspired me. At fourteen The Wheel of Time was the most breathtaking work of fiction to ever pass in front of my eyes. And then, almost exactly one decade ago, I started writing.

At first I dabbled in online role plays, taking on the role of a character in a story that was maintained through a mutual effort with one or more people. In school I loved essay assignments, from my English courses to Geography book synopses. Writing became for me what reading had been in my youth. This love for literature – both consuming and creating it – continued on through my college years, where I kept at my personal writings alongside my academic pursuits. But something changed after I left my university in order to help provide for my family. I realize that I absolutely loved research.

When I hear about an idea, an ideology, a thought, a movement – anything, I research it. I find a topic and take to the internet like a bloodhound searching for a familiar scent. I scour through articles, theses, scientific papers, blog posts written by field experts, and everything else I can get my hands on. I have endless bookmarks of sources in the event I ever need to pull them up for reference. Who knows when that information will come in handy? Research is a more recent addition to my list of obsessions, but one that is just as real as my desire to read and write. The availability of knowledge is incredible, and it often makes me wonder how some people can be complacent remaining in the proverbial darkness of ignorance, but most of all it inspires me to learn more – as much as I possibly can.

Combining these loves that are already present in my life, I feel like I would be an ideal candidate to be hired as an author for CustomPapers. Writing comes as naturally to me as breathing, and my experience in research for both school and personal enrichment would allow me to bring the best of both worlds into one place. While creative writing for English is what I favor, I have a passion for the sciences like no other. I would love to write papers for Biology, Chemistry, and Astronomy as much as I would a book report on Dickens. Why? Because when it comes down to it, as long as I am allowed to write and explore the wealth of knowledge that the world has to offer, I am in my element.

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