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Research Writer Interview With Claire

Private College Counselor and Essay Editor

Hello Claire! First and most importantly, what are your academic qualifications?

I graduated with honors from Wesleyan University, one of the top liberal arts schools in the nation, with a B.A. in religion. I also took a number of creative and nonfiction writing classes while at Wesleyan, including one with Pulitzer-Prize winning author Annie Dillard. My academic degree in the multifaceted subject area of religion provided me with a background in literature (English, Continental, and non-Western); history; anthropology; feminist theory; critical theory; sociology; and psychology. I then received my M.T.S. (Masters of Theological Studies) from Harvard Divinity School. I have continued my creative writing studies and taken graduate-level courses in English literature since earning my M.T.S.

How did you begin writing sample custom papers and research guides online?

I work for a private college counselor. I was already writing and editing student admissions essays and helping students with their work—branching out online seemed like a natural extension of my love of writing and helping students. Depending on the season, I may write as many as 100-120 papers per month. If I write less, it is because of a lack of customer demand, not because of a lack of a desire to write.

Why are you a good researcher?

As well as being a strong writer, I am familiar with all of the major academic search databases such as ProQuest and JSTOR. I am also a devoted consumer of a variety of news media, such as The New York Times and NPR. I have a variety of academic personal interests spanning from Shakespearean literature to nutrition. I guess you could say I am kind of a nerd—and proud of it! It’s not unusual to find me taking books out of the library, just out of pure personal interest in a subject. Thus, when a customer requests a paper, even on a relatively unusual topic, I often have some base of knowledge from which to draw. And naturally, I am well-versed in searching the Internet and am well aware of how to ‘vet’ a website for legitimacy before using it in a paper.

Why should we hire you?

Quite simply, I love writing and I love what I do for a living. I’ve been writing sample research essays for 13 years, and you don’t do something for 13 years unless you enjoy it!

Your original academic degrees were in the humanities. Do you have any other areas of expertise?

My original degrees reflect the multidisciplinary approach of both of the institutions I attended. Since then, over my work as an academic researcher, I have written research papers on business-related issues, virtually every discipline imaginable in the social sciences, and even many theoretical concept papers in science and nursing.

Besides high-quality research and writing, what other characteristics are important in academic writing?

In a word: timeliness. Adhering to deadlines is essential for both the sanity of the writer and the customer. I am very compulsive (my friends would say anal-retentive) about being on time in all facets of my life.

What citation systems do you have experience in?

MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago are the methods I use most frequently, although I can use any citation system required by a customer, provided I am given a template.


In a word: never. It would be a violation of my pride as well as my ethics as a writer. I err on the side of over-citing rather than under-citing.

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