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Research Writer Interview With Charles

Working Under Minimal Supervision Creating Excellent Research Papers

At 28 years of age, my experience at different fields of expertise is something to treasure and boast. Foremost, I was an insurance officer, a banker for one year (during attachment), , and now a freelance academic writer. This implies that I am a versatile person; therefore I can cope and deliver if admitted to any discipline. However, out of these fields, I perceive academic writing career as my favorite.

At the age of 14, I used to promise myself that one day, I will become a formidable businessman. This made me work hard and first signs of attaining my dream were evident when I was admitted in a University in 2007. Guided by my dream, I chose to pursue Bachelor of commerce, Insurance and Risk Management. In the course of my undergraduate studies, I enrolled for a Certified Public Certificate course. By the time I was graduating from the university, I was already in part two of the Certified Public Accountant course. This combination proved to be a strong asset as out of five applications, I received four invitations. However, I found one compelling, to work at the bank as a risk analyst. There was nothing much to do in this job. Most of the times were when I accessed the internet, because of boredom. This was the beginning of another unique ability; information searching. I give credit to this ability since it is through it that I came to know this exciting career. I delivered my first article two weeks later, and the recipient identified it as valid and excellent.

The new career was full of freedom, and I was the one dictating my level of income. I decided to pursue it without being engaged in another job. Gradually, I developed to become who I am today; a person who appreciates what he does; able to deliver quality, original and sumptuous articles; and maintains a cordial working relationships both with the employer and the clients.

My versatility, as noted earlier, has helped me in a great way. I am capable of handling topics from different disciplines and deliver an article too strong for negative comments. In addition to this, have the ability to handle different types of assignments from different levels of education.

The characteristics of the articles that I deliver are distinct from articles from other writers owing to personal touch, as well, as opinion instilled in my articles. Further, my articles are characterized with proficient English use, wise choice of words, coherent and clear sentence structures and comprehensible language, thus making a client have a lifetime experience. This implies that, at one time, he must come back due to the satisfaction he got.

However, human beings are characterized with imperfectness. Therefore, I am willing to learn and be corrected where things does not seem right. I am also willing and ready to develop new and further skills that your company may suggest in order to safeguard the reputation of your company and to ensure that customers are forever satisfied with the work delivered.

Therefore, I believe that I am an excellent research writer and would wish to work for a reputable organization such as and become part of the highly esteemed and reputable writers. Furthermore, the company will help me dictate my rates of income without compromising the quality of the work I deliver. Indeed, this is a sign that I am on the right track; top become an enthusiastic businessman.

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