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Research Writer Interview With Bethany

Addicted to Thorough Research and School

I am addicted to school. I currently hold a Master of Arts degree and I plan to return to graduate school to pursue a second Masters degree in the future. But, until then I want to put my skills to use and help other students succeed. I have worked independently as a freelance academic writer for the last three years. My clients are always pleased with my professionalism, timeliness, and the quality of my work. I am looking to expand the volume of my work and that is why I would like to write for

Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in the field of Religion. While this may seem like a limited area, it is not. In the process of obtaining these degrees, I completed extensive coursework in philosophy, history, sociology, and English. My interests lie primarily in these academic disciplines. However, my passion for gathering knowledge often leads me down unexpected academic paths. I excel at academic research, and I enjoy learning new things. My solid foundational knowledge of the academic research process and my desire to learn new things make me the perfect freelance academic writer.

As an academic writer, the ability and desire to conduct research is of utmost importance. I have spent countless hours refining my research skills over the course of my own study and my work as a freelance writer. I am diligent in my research and I am willing to put in the time to produce a quality product for my clients. In addition to having access to a number of electronic scholarly journal resources, I have a major university library at my disposal. These resources allow me to conduct extremely thorough research for my clients. While I draw on my own academic background when writing for clients, I also spend a great deal of time performing original research in order to make sure that the essays I produce are extremely precise and detailed. I never skimp on research.

A freelance academic writer must be capable of reliable and open communication with clients. I pride myself on my short response time as well as my detailed communications with customers. In order to produce the best possible paper for a client the writer must understand exactly what the client needs. This can only happen with detailed and precise communication with the client. I am able to listen to a customer’s request and ask appropriate questions so that I am able to write an on-point, high quality essay. Further, when working with clients as an academic writer it is important to meet deadlines. Often, if a client misses a deadline they will suffer a severe penalty. Therefore it is important to me that I make every deadline that I take on. In my time as a freelance writer I have never missed a deadline and I am proud of the fact that I often complete work before the agreed upon date.

Finally, plagiarism is incompatible with quality academic writing. I approach every paper as a unique assignment. I take the time to cite sources properly and expend the effort to produce original work for every client. I believe that plagiarism is not only unacceptable, but unprofessional and therefore I do not engage in the practice. In short, I treat every model paper that I write as if I were writing it for myself. I hold it to my impeccably high standards and I do not allow sub-par work to go out to my customers. I genuinely care about my clients and want them to succeed. For these reasons, I believe that I will make a valuable addition to the freelance writing team.

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