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Research Writer Interview With Brandalyn

Thirst For Information, Research, and Education

My name is Brandalyn and I would like to describe myself as an introverted extrovert, if there ever was one. This personality trait combination is probably what inspired my “writing bug”. It was actually a gift that was bestowed upon me at the age of nine when I wrote my first free-hand poem in the fifth grade classroom of Ms. Baker at Pleasantville Elementary School. Ever since, I have been writing short stories (by ten years old) and full-length novels (by twelve). Many would consider me to be an energetic, giving, bubbly, creative, and bright person, who enjoys educating herself. I am a self-published author, owner of my own publishing company: Illumination Literary Publishing Company, a motivational speaker, and an aspiring actress underneath it all. I am a natural teacher, caregiver, and lover of all things. Because of my father, I am a Marine Corps brat and because of my own morals, I take great pride in doing things and completing tasks to enrich the lives of myself and others.

I am an over-achiever, who graduated from home-school by fifteen years of age and abruptly started college. The first college I attended was Lone Star College, abrupthy after home-school, where I completed all of my basic courses in two years. I then transferred to the University of Houston main campus, just before my eighteenth birthday. It was the December right after my eighteenth birthday that I self-published my first published work, “Life”, a book of short stories and poems I had written throughout my childhood. I took one year off to explore other avenues and will be pursing my senior year at Barry University main campus in Miami Shores, Florida.

I thoroughly enjoy the creative and expressionistic arts, including writing and acting. I love to read and quickly jot down ideas for a short story or a book. In my spare time, I can be caught writing a quick poem. I usually enjoy exercising and getting fresh air at the park, the beach, and at the Rose and Japanese gardens at Hermann Park in Houston. I don’t miss a day without eating a well-prepared meal as cooking is one of my first loves. I have a passion for cleaning and organizing my personal space. And lastly, a good man can also be an interesting pastime because being single isn’t always fun!

I am an excellent research writer because I have an absolute thirst for information and education that is parallel to my love of writing. I have compassion for others which grants me the ability to write a paper as if it were my own. I’m organized with my work which creates a clear and easy path to working on different projects at one time. I am an Adjectives Queen so papers I write have a fictitious and magical touch – a colorful body and clear conclusion - to the factual and poignant style of the research paper. I am not an English Teacher or professor, but I am an author and former student, which I believe more than qualifies me to be a scholastic writer. My skill-set is broad and my specialty range is flexible. I am a young professional, so I have more zeal and energy than someone who may be more seasoned but is older. I take the necessary time to understand a project, and the wants and needs of the client, so I am able to write precisely and accurately. Lastly, I am a cosmopolitan kind-of-girl and the wild card of any deck, so papers are hardly ever written with the same tone or style !

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