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Research Writer Interview With Graham

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Hi, Graham. I'd like to ask you a few questions about yourself and your background so your clients can understand how you can help them better.

Sounds great!

First, how long have you been a freelance essay writer?

I've been a writer all my life, but professionally for three years.

And what sorts of writing jobs have you held?

I work primarily as an academic writer, helping students edit and complete challenging assignments of all sorts. I also have several other clients in a variety of fields. I help write and edit textbooks, academic manuscripts, and other documents. I also have a variety of more creative writing jobs that I do mostly for fun.

What topics do you typically cover in your writing?

I have an academic background in psychology, education, and kinesiology, so these are my primary areas of expertise. However, I've helped clients in nearly every academic subject imaginable. As I've gained more experience, I've continued to hone my skills in all subject areas. I'm a voracious reader and student, and would feel comfortable writing at a graduate level in most fields. For example, I currently work as a writer for a business/marketing textbook company although I have no formal education in this area.

What would you consider your strengths as a writer?

Hmm... I'd say my biggest strength is simply an enjoyment of what I do. I've always loved writing and research. I like the challenge of receiving a topic, researching it, and then finding a way to relay that research in a clear and enjoyable way. All assignments feel like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. I really enjoy finding unique ways to put those pieces together.

And what about your weaknesses?

Good question. I try not to focus on these too much, although I'm sure I have many. Oftentimes I'll get excited about a topic and write far more about it than the client asks. I usually have clients requesting I trim down information rather than adding more.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully I'm still employed as a writer, because I love the life it has provided. I also coach a youth sports team, and I'd still love to be coaching in ten years. I've had the opportunity to travel all over the world as a coach, and writing has allowed me the opportunity to work on the road. Maybe in ten years, I'll have one or two of my own on the team!

Is there anything else you think potential clients should know about you?

I hope that, through my work, you can see an example of what a well-written college paper looks like and this motivates you to improve your own writing skills. Sometimes big assignments seem like daunting tasks, but they don't have to be. The bulk of the work in any writing assignment is organizing the paper and creating an outline. The rest of the assignment is simply filling in the missing pieces. I like to think of myself as a teacher, and I'm helping clients solve a difficult problem. Furthermore, if you view each assignment as a chance to learn something interesting about the world, rather than a chore, it because invigorating and exciting. I hope my writing reflects this and inspires students to do the same for themselves.

Okay, I think that's all. Thanks a lot for talking to us.

No problem, it was fun!

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