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Research Writer Interview With Jason

Self-Employed Research Writer With A Master's Degree

About Me, My Interests and Academic Background, Why I am an Excellent Research Writer

I am a twenty-nine year old entrepreneur and I operate a number of lifestyle businesses that satisfy my passion for enterprise, exercise, health and fitness. The nature of my interests and academic background are somewhat intertwined. I have been a lifelong sports fan and realised a boyhood dream when I represented my country as a rugby player at the under 21 world cup in 2003. Having always harboured a desire to undertake a career in the professional ranks, my ambition was obliterated due to the recurrence of a number of debilitating injuries which forced me to retire from the game and utilise my education which by the time of my exit, comprised a bachelor of arts degree in economics and a master’s degree in business.

Having worked for a very brief time in an archetypical "9 to 5" corporate role (a job I found soul-destroying), I realised that my personality was not suited to such an environment and so I decided to undertake yet another master’s degree, this time in the area of exercise and nutrition science, in order attain the requisite academic credibility that would allow me to establish my own fitness training business. This I have achieved, and in addition to providing services at a "bricks and mortar" location, I have moved much of my operations online where I see great potential in the future expansion of my service offering.

As enjoyable as it is to now be self-employed, the nature of my client’s schedules dictate that I work predominantly during the mornings and evenings when they themselves are not at work. This has afforded me large swathes of free time with which I have established another online business for my partner who now makes her living selling mobile phone accessories online. Having such an irregular schedule, despite my freedom, began to exert the effect of making me feel empty and unfulfilled and so I began pursuing another passion of mine: academic writing. To say this has given me purpose and passion in my life is an understatement, and I am once again basking in the satisfaction of retrieving information and shaping it into a coherent work that imparts knowledge to those who read it.

Writing and researching essays and term papers was the most stimulating and challenging element of all three of my degrees and I contrast it with the academic straightjacket of the exam scenario whereby students are simply encouraged to block-learn information before regurgitating it on the page and likely forgetting it for life. Writing academic papers allowed and allows me to instil in a work, my own personal touch and opinion which defines and differentiates it from any other piece of research. The open-ended nature of constructing a term paper affords one the opportunity to merge art with science and to provide a totally unique perspective on the subject in question.

My passion for academic writing has been facilitated by a wide vocabulary and proficient English language skills that allow me write in an unequivocal academic style that comprises an easily read sentence structure, thus allowing words to flow in a manner that maximises the reader’s learning experience without instilling confusion or ambiguity. It is these skills that make me an excellent research writer and the breadth of subjects upon which I can write with authority, represent a very broad education having secured degrees in three very diverse subject areas. I would be honoured to write for and don’t worry, I can adjust my UK English to US English as the task may dictate!

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