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Research Writer Interview With Jena

Adventurous and Outgoing Writer

Where I Am from

I was born in Michigan, grew up in Chicago, and I love living currently in Denver, Colorado. The mountains here are absolutely gorgeous and a constant reminder of why I chose the colorful state! What would my peers say about me? I’m a very dedicated, motivated individual who never lets anyone or anything stand in the way of success.

My Best Attribute

Curiosity and passion for education.

A Fun Fact about Me

I love reading and have been called a book worm in the past!

My Interests

My professional interests include expanding my abilities; learning as much as possible about my career, specializing in the aspects of the field that I love, and successfully being published in a science or medical journal. I maintain memberships to various organizations in order to network with fellow colleagues in my field. I wish to expand even further in my talents and career experiences.

My personal interests include music, art, literature, philosophy, and life! Recently I have been working on a multimedia art piece that has really been inspiring. I also participate in making photography art by modeling, assisting with photo shoots, and editing. My compassion and motivation for life has driven me to perpetuate new interests often. Adventurous and outgoing, I love to discover new things, people and places.

Academic Background

Academically, I have been quite busy! Starting in 1999, I started attending college at a local technical college called the National Institute of Technology in Wyoming, Michigan. There I earned my Clinical and Business Medical Assistant degree with a 4.0. I worked for almost ten years in the medical field before continuing my pursuit of education. I was accepted at Colorado Mesa University and began attending college again in 2005. I discovered that I love education by carrying a near 4.0 grade point average and even made it on the President’s and Dean’s List. In fall of 2007, I was accepted into the Radiologic Sciences program. I completed my Associates of Applied Sciences with Radiologic Sciences as my major in 2009. Quickly learning in my field, I obtained my registry for Computed Tomography. I then decided to continue my education and obtain my Bachelor’s degree. I chose PIMA Medical Institute and studied the advanced leadership track, graduating with honors and a 3.93 in May of 2012. The degree is a Bachelor’s of Science in Radiologic Sciences. Since graduation (and having over fifteen years in the medical field under my belt so to speak) I am starting to take a new direction. I love patient care, but I prefer to branch out and enjoy other aspects of my career. I plan on getting into research and development of the Radiologic Sciences eventually.

Why I am an Excellent Research Writer

Knowledge is the first key to being an excellent research writer. Possessing superb research skills is also very helpful. Throughout my academic career I have been taught how to conduct proper research and statistical data research. I have learned how to employ tools like debate where I compared and contrasted a topic or took argumentative standpoints. During my Bachelor’s degree, I wrote argumentative papers, research papers, thesis statements/dissertation and creative essay papers; I also learned how to properly cite my papers in several acceptable formats such as MLA, APA, and AMA. I am a very gregarious writer, and find many topics interesting. Well-versed in many subjects, I have a lot of experience to bring to the table. Ever since I was fourteen and experienced my first publication of a poem, I have been interested in writing. Research is discovery and enhancement of knowledge and writing is just an expression of that. I truly enjoy writing and I feel that I make an excellent writer because I have a passion for it. People ask me sometimes how I could study for that many years and my response has always been this: if you love what you do, it never feels like work, and if you enjoy your work, it will always be productive and successful. Passion for writing drives me and I know I will make an exceptional contribution to your organization.

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