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Hard Work and Lots of Practice

I am Kayla and I live in fabulous downtown St. Louis, MO. At present, I am employed full-time as a Relationship Manager/Loss Mitigation specialist for US Bank in St. Louis. I manage a case load of approximately 300 borrowers with Fannie Mae mortgages. I work with these cases to help them qualify for options to avoid foreclosure. I help people struggling to pay their mortgage apply for loan modifications to help bring their loan current again and/or out of foreclosure. If they can no longer afford their monthly mortgage, then I assist them in qualifying for other options to liquidate the home through a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. The goal of my efforts it to mitigate and minimize the losses for Fannie Mae and US Bank as the foreclosure process is a very expensive process to these organizations.

My interests vary among being a sports fan, cooking, listening to Electronic Dance music, reading business articles, etc. I especially enjoy following St. Louis Cardinals baseball and it is especially a treat to live downtown where it is walking distance to Busch Stadium. Growing up, I spent many hours in the kitchen with my mom learning to cook various recipes and baking cakes and pies. This has translated to my love to tackle a new recipe or to watch cooking shows on the Food Network. Electronic Dance music is another one of my passions. I own a set of turntables and a mixer and about 100 vinyl records along with DJ software on my laptop. My music takes up a healthy amount of space on my laptop's hard drive. You could call me a bedroom DJ as I have never ventured out to perform at a club or a bar.

I find it particularly fascinating to read news articles and publications about business, marketing, and retail companies and strategies. This relates back to my love of consumer behavior, which is the psychology of why people are enticed to buy things either in a retail store or through online shopping. I am amazed what marketing strategies and mind tricks retailers will use to draw people to buy a goods and services they sell. Many people have no idea how they are manipulated in to buying things they do not need or will never use.

My academic background consists of three college degrees. The first was an Associate of Arts Degree from Kaskaskia College in Centralia, IL earned in May, 1998. This was a general studies degree I completed and used to transfer credits to my next school. The second was a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL earned in May, 2000. My final degree is a Master of Business Administration Degree from Webster University in St. Louis, MO earned in May, 2005.

The reasons why I am an excellent research writer are because through school and employment I have honed my writing skills through hard work and a lot of practice. I have also trained myself to become very detail-oriented and thorough when I am completing writing assignments for school or work. For example, one job that I held for several years was responding to customer service emails. A sample of my emails were graded monthly and scored for Quality Analysis. College courses normally require an extensive amount of research writing for classes to earn a degree. It is through writing many research papers I have helped develop my skills. While I was in high school, English was always one of my top classes where I could earn A grades without much effort. My parents also stressed to me how proper spelling and grammar usage is an absolute critical life skill to have. Improper grammar structure can discredit one's work in academic or professional avenues. Your communication skills make a huge impact on how you can eloquently express and state your thoughts and opinions through your speech or writing in various formats (email, letters, memos, essays, research papers, or articles) that you will write to others for personal use, school, and work. I also find that I personally cringe when people frequently misuse the words: "to" and "too" along with the words "their" and "there". The word "alot" is not a word; it is "a lot" of something. Also the overuse of text slang has bled into peoples' writing habits which is also maddening to me. If you are typing me an email at work, please type out an extra y and o to spell "you" instead of typing a "u" for you. This text-speech has no place in professional or academic works.

I hope you have enjoyed this personal essay I have crafted for your reading pleasure along with my employment application to Custom Papers. Your site does offer a needed niche in our society and the academic world. Without your help, many people would be unable to graduate from school with the degree that they or their parents paid a lot of money to earn. There simply are people that are not gifted writers and they have to have the writing skills to complete the necessary assignments to complete their academic hopes and dreams. Just because someone has poor writing skills does not mean they will not possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform well in their desired profession upon completing their degree from school.

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