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Research Writer Interview With Davina

Planning Out School Research Papers

How did you get into academic writing?

I saw a post for Philadelphia Research Inc. on a freelance job board and applied. Since I enjoyed learning about the world and writing about it, this line of work was a perfect fit for me. It also didn't hurt that I lived next to a major university library. The choice to work whenever and wherever I wanted was also very attractive. I first heard of Sample School Research from my fiance. He said that it looked like a fine company to work for so I submitted my application and here I am!

What are your favorite topics to write about?

Ethics and moral dilemmas, philosophy, literature, history, social issues and psychology;these subjects come closer to examining human nature than most; i.e. how certain societies have evolved, the influence of religion and government on morality, human motivations beyond immediate survival needs, the evolution of altruist and individualist world views, etc. I also like writing on scientific subjects and organizational behavior at the undergraduate level.

How do you plan out a paper?

If the guidelines are vague, I will brainstorm possible topics, arguments and counter-arguments and set up an outline to follow. It doesn't take that long and will save tons of time in the end. Afterward, I will go to the library and find books and articles about the subject, read the texts and write free form. From that, I get what I need to form the crux of the paper. If the guidelines are specific, then I would just follow the directions carefully and make sure that every step is accounted for.

What inspires you?

The freedom to work independently, the excitement of learning something new everyday, and mostly sharing my ideas with receptive minds. At the end of the day, I need to feel that I had accomplished something constructive.

Where do you write?

On a laptop that sits on a desk in a third-floor apartment within the confines of a small, almost famous historical town which is one of England's oldest settlements, in these United States, which is really not all that big when seen from space when you stop to think about it. Sometimes I visit the library or the local Starbucks for a change of scenery.

How do you feel about the creative process?

I feel that connecting with it has been made to sound more difficult than it really is. Maybe it is because many of us possess a perfectionist streak that does not allow us to truly make messes of things and we censor ourselves before we really start any worthwhile project. I didn't think I had any creativity before I just jumped in and started writing. My rough drafts might have been rubbish, but it was MY rubbish.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, 2 actually, Bruno, a German Shepherd Lab mix and Ginger, a feisty Siamese cat. They are so adorable... I miss Bruno very much because he is too big for my apartment, but he is very happy having run of my parents' yard!

And the ultimate question, where do you get your ideas?

The world is full of them if you know where to look. The average human has several thousand thoughts every day. One can take information from television news, books, movies, and the dumpster behind the Mexican restaurant on Second Street and combine them into something new entirely - a convincing argument, powerful poetry or even a best selling novel. For me personally, most of my inspiration has come from books and the people in my life.

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