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Innovative Writing to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

When you're looking for academic prose or down-to-earth, informative high quality writing, I can supply your needs. I hold a B. A degree in Urban and Regional Planning with I.T with a vast experience in research papers, theses, proposal and dissertations. I am a writer who is able to express his thoughts really well and come up with very imaginative and creative work when called upon to. An imaginative mind helps me in coming up with unique projects when called upon by my clients. Subject areas that are my writing interests include history and political science, journalism, mass media and communication, archaeology, geography, psychology, sociology, gender & sexual studies, human resources (HR), environmental studies, tourism, macro & micro economics, business, marketing, management, e-commerce and company analysis. As a competent freelancer, I can undertake multiple tasks assigned to me ranging from proofreading, editing and research writing. I understand the right use of citation styles like Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian and Oxford. Additionally, my writing is characterized by high level of creativity, focus on quality, creation of value, originality and timeliness given my good command of the English language. Since my childhood, I have had a passion in writing hence a career in academic writing is all I endeavour all my life.

My overall objective as an academic writer is to complete my task within the stipulated time frame by strictly following the client’s instructions. This is achieved by being innovative and demonstrating correct grammar, spelling, and overall superior content that ensures delivering of a high quality paper to the customer. My main writing objective is to ensure customer satisfaction with the work that I finally submit. This has made me a perfectionist, loyalist, as well as an on time performer that delivers quality work before the expiry of the set deadline. My goals as a writer are to demonstrate my superior writing skills and to write quality content for the customer so that s/he remains forever happy. This helps in enhancing a relationship with clients so that they come back to me if they have work. To the company, many clients will keep referring their friends due to quality work they receive. I never allow anything to get in the way of delivering a great performance in articulating my writing projects. I always give 100% of my resources in terms of time and effort to writing high quality papers free of plagiarism.

As a writing consultant, my aim is to create client value by satisfying clients by adhering to work requirements. On the other hand, I aim to build the life of my client on a foundation that can be accepted and trusted. As academic writer with a three years’ experience, I fully understand that developing and maintaining long relationships with my clients depends on the quality of the work that I deliver. As a professional, I understand that there are set industry practices and standards. As such, I abide by best practices and standards and produce the best that can be to keep a good reputation of my personality, as well as the organization I work for. As an excellent research writer, I avoid plagiarism through a number of ways. First, I fully understand what plagiarism is and hence aim to understand my subject areas before I begin working on them. Secondly, restate my points so that I write something that is new and original, compared to my source. Thirdly, in relying on other writers’ opinions, I always improve upon them by evaluating and critiquing them in order to make my contribution. Lastly, I always use my own words.

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