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Research Writer Interview With Oscar

Expert Technical and Scientific Knowledge

Hello Oscar. Briefly Introduce yourself.

A. I am a qualified engineer and Management Graduate, with engineering degree in Computer Science from a reputed Institute and an MBA Degree. I also have Level 3 passed in US/UK English. I also worked in intensive corporate culture, including that of IBM.

What are your interests or passion and what is that you are aiming at now?

My passion for writing brought me that commendations and appreciation that none of my stints as company employee or a corporate manager ever brought me and I am confident that as a writer, I will be able to deliver my best. I happen to have acumen for writing and I can write original work on a range of topics, from Business to Management, economics to Humanities and various essay topics in Science and Engineering. Due to advanced domain knowledge in Engineering, Technology, Economics and Management, I have completed several advanced research works. These works were for different people who elicited my help to assist them in achieving outstanding results in their academic interests.

Why you want to become a research writer?

I have seen that many young students - of masters and research level, have done outstanding work in their subjects, did well in their exams, had great domain knowledge, but, did not perform well as they were lacking in something which mattered most. These young and brilliant people somehow lacked written communication skills and were not able to put their thoughts together in a piece of writing. They were ill at ease when they had to commit something to writing - they were finding themselves at loss of correct words or knit together perfectly their ideas, research, their achievements in lab or their findings in surveys or questionnaires. Some were good in writing but poor in presenting. They required good and convincing presentation, either through a word doc or PPT slides, but lacked skills in undertaking either. They badly required someone to help them. This is how I filled the vacuum in their life and work.

You have an engineer's background, so how do you really fit-in to this role?

With my quick understanding of the various inter linked domains I was able to grasp correctly and perfectly, what they wanted. They required perfect flow of content in the form of convincing presentation and a better style of communication. Some people also required to augment their works with more in-depth study and give a proper structure of research to their work. Having very good exposure to research process and by my in-depth and extensive study of research processes and methodologies by the authorities like Saunders, et, al., I managed to transform their work to an authentic research thesis. Providing and formulating correct hypothesis, focusing the work to either prove or reject the hypotheses, providing statistical analysis through the packs like SPSS, R, Excel, SAS, and others, I was able to augment their work with most convincing and authentic research work, leading to the award of Ph.D.

Others who had rather good skills and grasp of theory or technology and were outstanding in their research findings, which was collected rather gingerly in the notepad scribbling or notes, wanted to write their work from scratch. They were provided complete help and support by composing and committing all what they needed into writing, as I strongly believe that is all a team work. No single person can be perfect in everything. It is always a good wisdom to hire someone to write for them, rather than composing themselves and bring an excellent work into rejection, due to sheer lack of writing skills or completely understanding a research process. For instance, there is an important research process of compiling a complete literature review and this review should be done in parallel during the major portion or duration of the research. However, many researchers ignore this area. This is how I chip-in to assist.

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